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Ricon Engineers is a leading and renowned Mechanical Engineers and Manufacturers of Rotary Air Lock Valve, Rotary Valve, Air Lock Valve, Air Lock Feeder, Vacuum Pump, Air Blower, Dust Collecting System, Dust Collector, Reverse Pulse Jet Bag Filter, Double Dump Valve, Double Flap Valve, Bag Filter, Pneumatic Conveying system, Powder Conveying System, Pressure Conveying System, Rotary Sifter, Rotary Sifter for Starch, Vacuum Conveying System, Twin Lobe Compressor, Roots Blower, Roots Compressor, Rotary Valve for ESP dust, Rotary Valve for boiler, Rotary Air Lock Valve for fly ash, Rotary Valve for fly ash. We are also well known as Rotary Valve Manufacturer, Rotary Air Lock Valve Manufacture, Rotary Air Lock Valve Manufacture in India, Rotary Valve Manufacture, Rotary Valve Manufacture in India. The company was established in the year 1981 as small manufacturing unit offering only one model of rotary feeders. Over the years we have been able to expand our business activities and horizon and now offer our clients with 15 different rotary feeders which serve and meet the specific applications. [ Sitemap ] [ Link ]
R. M. Panchal was founded in the year of 1958 we Feeling product to complete 55 years of our foundation. The Company being engaged and continue the similar activities with necessary innovations. Dedication fair business policy and vision to face techno-commercial challenges of the current & future trends. R. M. Panchal from its inception been known for high quality products Like paper folding machine mfg, paper printing machine mfg, book binding machinery mfg, paper rulling machine mfg, Automatic ruling machine mfg, Disc Ruling Machine mfg, Notebook Folding Machine mfg, Sewing Machine mfg, Wire Stitching Machine mfg, Binding Machinery Gujarat, Automatic paper Ruling Machine spares mfg, Ruling Machine mfg, Note Book Machine Parts mfg, Heavy Duty Lock Stitch Note Book Sewing Machine, Book Sewing Machine Parts, Centre Sewing Machine mfg, Binding Machinery mfg, Stitching machinery parts mfg, Stationery Machinery mfg, Auto matic rulling machine parts mfg. We are basically manufacturing Semi Automatic Disc Ruling Machine, Stitching Machine, Notebook Folding Machine Wire, Binding Machine & Their Spare Parts. [ Sitemap ] [ Link ]
There are approximately 1800 units in this industrial Estate, out of which approximately 680 generate wastewater and have potential to cause water pollution. These include units manufacturing Pharmaceutical Products, Dyes, Dye-Intermediates, Pigments, Fine Chemicals and other organics. They also include Textile Process Houses, Rolling Mills and other Non Chemical Process Industries, Common Effluent Treatment Plant, CETP, india, Cleaner Production, Environmental Management System, Industrial Wastewater Treatment, Secured Solid Waste Landfill Facility, Wastewater Management, Solid Waste Management, Vatva Industries Association, Environment, TSDF. The CETP and associated facilities are set up on the land area admeasuring 24328 sq. m. [ Sitemap ] [ Link ]
Divy Rollform Limited set technologically advanced manufacturing facility at Vavdi, around 35 KM from Ahmedabad city towards Baroda for manufacturing cold roll form mfg, forming mfg, open section / section profile, purlin / z – purlin / c - purlin, channel mfg, lip channe mfg, strut, prefabricated structure, high quality Cold - Roll Formed Sections & Profiles with an installed capacity of 6000 TPY to meet the domestic and global demand. Divy Rollform Limited’s committed and dedicated technical team thrives to meet customers’ expectations, demands and satisfaction and has large number of clientele and is focusing to enter into Global Markets. [ Sitemap ] [ Link ]
Kumar Industries is managed by a team of highly qualified & Professionally Experienced engineers ranging From 22 to 45 years in engineering fields related to Magnetic Equipments Like All type of magnetic equipment, Funnel magnet, Rare earth magnetic equipments, Permanent magnet, Rare earth magnet, Neodymium rare earth magnet, Ferrite magnet, Permanent magnetic equipment, Magnetic separators, Drum type magnetic separator, Therapy magnet, Permanent magnetic drum, Hopper magnet, Magnetic equipments, Industrial magnetic equipments, Therapy Permanent magnet, Drawer magnet, Ceramic magnet, Magnetic floor sweeper, Suspension magnet, Rare earth Neodymium magnet, Channel magnet, Plate magnet. We are also well known as Hopper magnet manufacturer, Funnel magnet manufacturer, Exporter of magnetic equipments, Magnetic equipments manufacturer, Magnetic equipments suppliers, Magnet manufacturer. The quality of our products are highly acclaimed in the market by our customers. We have a large base of satisfied customers. We are constantly endeavored to incorporate the most modern technology in our products to the entire satisfaction of our customers. [ Sitemap ] [ Link ]
Ambica Boiler is the most reliable brand name in manufacturing of Incinerators and Industrial process heating equipment and Pressure Vessels (Autoclave), Steam boiler, boiler, boilers, I.B.R.Steam boiler, Husk Fired Steam boiler, Wood Fired Steam boiler, Coal Fired Steam boiler, Thermic Fluid heater, Husk Fired Thermic Fluid Heater, Oil Fired Thermic Fluid Heater, Wood Fired Thermic Fluid Heater, Hot Water Generator, Husk Fired Hot Water Generator, Oil Fired Steam boiler, Indian Boiler manufacturer, boiler India, High Pressure Steam boiler, Hot Air Generator, Gas Fired Steam boiler, Industrial boiler, Pressure Vessels, power plant boiler. Ambica Boiler is dedicated for providing the best quality products and services to our clients. Ambica Boiler is mainly concerned in manufacturing Steam Boilers, Heat Exchangers , Incinerators and Unfired Pressure Vessels ( Gas Storage and Mobile tanks) according to Indian Boiler Regulation. [ Sitemap ] [ Link ]
We are an ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer and supplier of a comprehensive range of Press Brake, Press Brakes, Shearing Machines, Shearing Machine, Hydraulic Shearing Machine, Hydraulic Shearing Machines, NC Shearing Machine, NC Shearing Machines, CNC Shearing Machine, CNC Shearing Machines, Guillotine Shearing Machine, Guillotine Shearing Machines, NC Shear, Bending Machine, Bending Machines, Plate Rolling Machine, Plate Rolling Machines, Pyramid type Plate Bending Machine, Pyramid type Plate Bending Machines, NC Press Brake, NC Press Brakes, CNC Press Brake, CNC Press Brakes, C - Frame Press, H - Frame Press, Deep Draw Press, Deep Drawing Press, Busbar Machine, Iron Worker, Nibbling Cropping Punching Machine, Hydraulic Iron Workers, Hydraulic Presses, Angle Cutting Machines and many more. We are market leader well known as Shearing Machine Manufacturers, Hydraulic Shearing Machine Manufacturers, NC Shearing Machine Manufacturers, CNC Shearing Machine Manufacturers, Guillotine Shearing Machine Manufacturers, NC Shears Manufacturers, Bending Machine Manufacturers, Plate Rolling Machine Manufacturers, Pyramid type Plate Bending Machine Manufacturers, Press Brake Manufacturers, NC Press Brake Manufacturers, CNC Press Brake Manufacturers, Busbar Machine Manufacturers, Nibbling Cropping Punching Machine Manufacturers, Iron Worker Manufacturers. Furthermore, these offered products are manufactured while keeping the ISO 9001:2000 criterion in mind, which ensures their high standards. [ Sitemap ] [ Link ]
POLYTETRA PROCESSORS is India's leading and most reliable processors & fabricants of PTFE Moulded & PTFE Lined Components like Teflon Sheets, Rods, Bushes, Envelope gaskets, Thin wall Tubing, Thread sealant tapes and PTFE Threaded Ropes, Graphite PTFE Rope and PTFE Aramid packing. Also we manufacture PTFE Manufacturer, PTFE Powders, PTFE Suppliers, FEP Granular Material, Teflon Seal Ring For Rotary Joint, PTFE Powders & Micro powders, PTFE Components & Parts, FEP Lined Valves. We are also well known for Manufacturer of Teflon, FEP Lined Valves Manufact0urer, PTFE Components & Parts Manufacturers, Teflon Manufacturer, Teflon Manufacturer India, FEP Lined Pipes & Fittings, FEP Lined ball valves, Flush bottom valves, Dip pipes, Sprayers, Spindles, PTFE Spares for Glass Lined vessels and Reactors & Equipments and all items as per drawing in Graphite PTFE, Bronze+Mos2 filled PTFE and Rulon, Tersite and PEEK. Business achievements are based on our continuous efforts to update & improve high innovation rate in processing PTFE Moulded, PTFE lined & other PTFE products. [ Sitemap ] [ Link ]
Magnet Manufacturer A new pioneer company For all High Power Permanent Magnetic Equipments in Ahmedabad India. Aanal magnet is a leading supplier of all type of Magnet Equipments like Magnet, Magnetic equipments, Rare earth magnet, All Type of Magnet, Magnetic separators, Suspension Magnet, Plate Magnet, Grill Magnetic, Road Magnet, All Type of Separators, Permanent magnet, Vibro Screen. We are Using Latest techniques and Latest products in Magnetic field, Aanal magnet Providing the Finest Magnetic Equipments With Finest Quality to Satisfy all Our Worldwide Client's Need. Our All products Quality are highly Recommended by our worldwide Clients in the Magnetic market. [ Sitemap ] [ Link ]
It is our pleasure to introduce ourselves as a part of one of the most significant sectors of the industrial word. i.e. the Packaging Industry. CAPS & SEALS INDUSTRIES is an ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified Company engaged in Manufacturing of Flip off seals, Aluminium caps in all types and sizes, Aluminium Tear off and flip off seals, R.O.P.P. caps, Plastic caps and bottles as per your design, Bottle closures, Aluminium pilfer proof caps, Aluminium closures, Aluminium Flip off seals, Aluminium Bottle caps in all types and sizes, Deep Draw Aluminium Bottle Caps and Closures, Aluminium Vial Seals, Aluminium Tear off and flip off Vial seals, Aluminium Flip Top Vial Seals, Aluminium R.O.P.P. caps, Aluminium P.P. Caps, Aluminium Center Tear off Seals, Aluminium Injection Vial Seals, Plastic caps and bottles and jars as per your design. We are market Leader also well known as Flip off seals manufacturer, Manufacturer of Flip off seals, Aluminium closures manufacturer, Caps manufacturer, Manufacturer of Flip off and Vial seals, Aluminium Caps & closures manufacturer, Bottle Cap manufacturer. The Company is situated at Changodar, a very Fast Developing and Known Industrial Area of Ahmedabad District in the State of Gujarat. The through Knowledge and Understanding of Product, Proper Infrastructure Supported with automatic Production line, Scrupulous selection and Appointment of Technically Sound and Committed to Quality Staff, who Constantly keep their Eyes on the Quality of all types of Inputs till the Dispatch of Final Product has helped us to Achieve the highest levels of Customer Satisfaction. [ Sitemap ] [ Link ]
Quality is at the heart of our business of helping clients create value and improve their sustainability performance. We do this primarily by delivering good value products, tailored and applied to provide lasting solutions. We are committed to continuous improvement in our services, people and processes. Our Wide range of products includes Electronic Weighing Scale, Electronic Scales, Electronic Balance, Digital Weighing Scales, Electronic Jewellery Scale, Personal Weighing Scale. We are also well known as Electronic Scale Manufacturer, Electronic Weighing Scales Manufacturer, Manufacturers Of Electronic Weighing Scales, Weighing Scale Manufacturer, Industrial Scale Manufacturer, Jewellery Scale Manufacturer, Table Top Scale Manufacturer, Platform Scale Manufacturer, Manufacturers Of Jewellery Scales, Analytical Scale Manufacturer, Pocket Scale Manufacturer, Diamond Scale Manufacturer, Counting Scale Manufacturer. In this World, We intended to produce High Quality Products and Services that can make Human more reliable and Easy to work with. [ Sitemap ] [ Link ]
We would like to introduce our self as one of the leading manufacturer of all type of Industrial & Traction commutator as per the customer requirements and specifications. We are market leader and well known as Commutator Manufacturer, Commutator Manufacturer Gujarat, Commutator Repairer, Commutator Repairer Gujarat, Industrial Commutator Manufacturer, Moulded Commutator Manufacturer, Traction Commutator Manufacturer, commutator manufacturer in India, commutator manufacturer India, commutator repairer in India, commutator repairer India, industrial commutator manufacturer India, moulded commutator manufacturer Gujarat, moulded commutator manufacturer India, traction commutator manufacturer Gujarat, traction commutator manufacturer India, industrial commutator manufacturer Gujarat. Dolphin Electric India is committed to delight the customers with quality products, through market dedicated on going up gradation. We have constantly strived towards satisfying customer needs through Quality products, Timely delivery, and prompt response. We have a lot of experience in the field of commutators especially the managing director has a well experience over 40 years in the field of manufacturing and repairing of Industrial Commutators. [ Sitemap ] [ Link ]
About D.M. Engineering is a company involved in World Class Cot Servicing Eqipments Like Roll Shop Machineries, Hydraulic Mounting Machine, U. V. Treatment Machine, Lubricating Machine, Spindle Lubricating Greasing Machine, Pneumatic Cot Mounting Machines, Bobbin Roving Opening Machine, Hydraulic Cot Mounting Machine, Cot Mounting Machine, Cot servicing equipment, Spindle lubricating machine, Pharmaceutical machinery, Pharmaceutical machinery manufacturer, Manufacturer of Pharmaceutical machinery, Powder filling machine, De-Greasing Machine, Calendaring Machine, Auger Type Powder Filling Machine, Automatic Powder Filling Machine, Semi Automatic Powder Filling Machine, Augur Filler, Augur Filling Machine, Textile Machineries, Roll Shop Equipments. We have over 25 years experience in the design, installation and servicing of these systems. Our systems engineering background allows us to analyze the customers needs and to recommend the best equipment or system to do the job. We are also currently consulting in physical security in markets ranging from retail to heavy industry on a National & International basis. [ Sitemap ] [ Link ]
We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as a leading organization in the field of Electrical works like Manufacturing of Three phase Motor, 3 Phase Motor, Single phase motor, 1 Phase Motor, Induction motor, A c Motor, D c Motor, Electrical motor, Carne duty motor, Hoist duty motor, A.C brake motor, D.C. brake motor, Atlas, Atlas motor, Electrical motor repair, Fail safe brake Motor, Aluminum gear box, Three phase vibrating motor, Single phase vibrating motor, Flexible shaft grinding machine, Flexible shaft polishing machine, Ember grinder machine, Torque motor, Vibrating motor, Crane and hoist duty motor, lift duty motor, Cooling tower motor, Two speed Motor, Single phase brake motor, Brake motor, Worm gear motor, helical gear motor, planetary gear motor, Bench polisher Machine, Fail safe brake, Bench Grinder machine, Flexible shaft Grinder machine, variable frequency drive, Ip 68 motor, Cut section ac motor, Dual voltage, Gear Shaft, H class motor, Extend Shaft, Hollow Shaft Motor, Encoder Mounted Motor, Hollow shaft Brake motor, Center flange Vibrating motor, Geared Brake motor, Dabble flange motor, Two speed Gear Motor, Two speed Geared Brake motor, Two speed Vibrating motor, force cooling motor coolant pumps Etc. We at Amit Electricals understand the importance of consistency in quality and better customer care services. [ Sitemap ] [ Link ]
Since its inception in 1990, NEW – TECH INDUSTRIES is engaged in manufacturing, supplying and exporting of Packaging Machinery Like Pouch Packing Machine, Pouch Packing Machine in India, Pouch Packing Machine in Gujarat, Pouch Packing Machine in Ahmedabad, Automatic Pouch Packing Machine, Automatic Pouch Packing Machine in Ahmedabad, Automatic Pouch Packing Machine in Gujarat, Automatic Pouch Packing Machine in India, Liquid Pouch Packing Machine, Water Pouch Packing Machine, Tea Pouch Packing Machine, Packaging Machinery, Packing Machine, Tea Packing Machine, Milk Packing Machine, Butter Milk Packing Machine, Powder Packing Machine, Namkeen Packing Machine, Oil Packing Machine, Granules Packing Machine, Chuna Pouch Packing Machine, Liquid Filling Machine, Pneumatic Pouch Packing Machine, FFS Machine. We have been manufacturing a qualitative range of products. Our packaging machines come under four broad categories Fully Automatic VFFS Pouch Filling Machines, Fully Automatic High Speed VFFS Multi Track Machine, Pouch-in-Pouch and Flow Wrap Machines. New-Tech Industry’s main aim is to offer a supreme quality Pouch Packaging. [ Sitemap ] [ Link ]
Labcare Furniture establishment in 2009 for laboratory design, construction, detailed engineering, project management testing and commissioning of laboratories on a turnkey basis. Our expertise encompasses lab layout and design, selection of lab furniture and Fume Hoods, biosafety hoods, clean benches, exhaust systems, HVAC, information management systems, Gas Distribution System, Fire suppression systems, etc. Our Wide range of products includes Lab Furniture, Lab Furniture Gujarat, Laboratory Furniture, Fume Cupboards Furniture, Scientific Equipment, Scientific Supplier, Lab Tables Furniture, Scientific Furniture, Furniture Supplier, Hospital Furniture, Laboratory Furniture, Medical Furniture, Pharma Furniture, Chemical Furniture, Institunationl Lab Furniture, Research Furniture, Office Furniture, support lab furniture, Lab project furniture, lab Equipment furniture, Fume Hoods Furniture, lab Equipment furniture, Biotech furniture, Development Lab Furniture, Dyies furniture Furniture, Laboratory Furniture Gujarat. Labcare Furniture offer a unique capability in Turnkey Laboratory Design. [ Sitemap ] [ Link ]
APEX ENTERPRISE is a well known company that specializes in the production and distribution of Genuine parts for road construction equipments Like Abg Titan, Asphalt Spares, Batch mix plant, Bitelle, Drum Mix Plant, Dynapac, Paver Spares, Vogele, Hot Mix Plant. We are using the most modern technology. The Wear parts are kept in computer - controlled high rack storage areas for immediate shipment by courier, truck, ship, or plane. We carry more than 15000 different spares and wear parts on road paving equipments. APEX ENTERPRISE has a close association with more than 300 construction firms, right from organized sectors like NHAI, MORTH, PWD, Airport project, foreign joint ventures and state highway department. Our motto is "Committed to TIME and QUALITY" We are determined to provide our client with premium quality products and so, we are well prepared to explore new market demands with all the zeal and passion involving our skill and experience of many years, Combined with today's modern techniques. [ Sitemap ] [ Link ]
BHAGWATI SPRING INDUSTRIES Today is a trusted name in the field of industrial spring. Owner of the Company Mr. N. S. Patel has an Experience of more than over 20 years. We manufacture Compression Springs, Tension Springs, Torsion Spring, Conical springs, Die Springs, Clutch Springs, Spiral Springs, Volute springs, Umbrella Springs, Oil Seals Springs, Automobile Springs, Extension Springs, Textile Machinery springs, Rolling Shutter Spring, Core Valve Springs, Helical compression spring, tiny spring for fuses micro switches, Electronics parts and heavy duty spring used in Elevators and dental chairs & instruments specialist. We are also well known as All Type Of Springs Manufacturer, Spring Manufacturers, Spring Manufacturers in India, Spring Manufacturers in Gujarat, Umbrella Springs Manufacturer, Industrial Springs Manufacturer, Elevator Spring Manufacturer, Spiral spring manufacturer, Torsion spring Manufacturer, Compression spring Manufacturer, Disc spring manufacturer, Torsion spring suppliers, Disc spring suppliers, Spiral spring exporters, Compression spring suppliers, Spiral spring suppliers. [ Sitemap ] [ Link ]

BI INDUSTRIES is one of the leading Manufacturer & Exporter of Plastic Machinery, P P Multifilament Machine, P P Strapping Band Machine, Extrusion Machine, Plastic Machinery Manufacturer, Plastic Reprocessing Plant mfg, Thermoplastic Extrusion Machinery such as PP Multifilament Plant, PP Strapping band (Box Strapping) plant, PP Sutli Plant, HDPE Monofilament plant, Reprocessing plant, & its accessories like High speed Mixer, Grinder, Screw-Barrel etc. At BI Manufacturer process is look after by young and dynamic Mechanical Engineer Mr. Mahendra Panchal who have 4 Years of Experience in Manufacturing Plastic Machinery. He is also look for R & D and Marketing matter. We also have good infrastructure to develop any tailor made machine as per customer requirement. We are continuously improve our product range by implement of latest and advance technology which is beneficiary to client for higher production and cost effective. [ Sitemap ] [ Link ]

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